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Hello everyone! My name is Toni Barth and I'd like to introduce myself and all the things I do. You can either use the navigation above to find out more about the topics you're specifically interested in, or you can read on for a quick glimpse of what i'm currently up to.

The human being

Growing up as a blind child in a small town called Halle in Germany, I had to get in touch with computers pretty early on in order to keep up at school. My interest quickly grew and I started developing small applications at the age of 13. After finishing school, I started studying Applied Computer Science with a focus on game development, first as a bachelor and then as a master. While studying I also started working as a developer in the SAP environment, but quickly realised that I was better suited to developing web-based applications, so I continued as a web developer until I finally settled into a job as a teacher and administrator at my alma mater, Anhalt University of Applied Sciences in Germany, where I've been working since 2021.

Software developer

Some of my software-based projects can be found in the navigation area above. I'm mainly interested in web-based solutions for all kinds of purposes and multimedia-centred applications.

An example of my work would be Musical Sight, a web application containing various music theory related information, specifically designed to work well with screen reading technology.

Accessibility consultant

I'm blind and have been working with various screen reading technologies and operating systems since the early 2000s. Using this expertise, I've worked with various companies to improve the accessibility of their hardware and software products or to find alternative means of access. Prominent examples include Audient's work in enabling accessibility for their iD and EVO audio interface series, and my work in beta testing the accessibility of Ableton 12. I'm also part of the ReaHotkey project, which aims to enable accessibility for music-related software, particularly but not exclusively when running within the REAPER digital audio workstation.

Content Creator

Everything about music and audio in general can be found on my YouTube channel Toni Barth Music, where I don't just upload covers and new compositions, but also lots of tutorials, software and hardware reviews and more, all with a keen eye on accessibility from a blind or visually impaired perspective.


If you're looking for personal teaching on various programming or music/audio editing topics and feel comfortable with me as a person and tutor, I'll offer my services on any topic you're interested in, as long as I know my stuff. And best of all, it is affordable and there are no strings attached. Please have a look at my dedicated subpage about teaching.

Getting in touch

I've got a dedicated page where you can find all my accounts, social media presences and everything that can help you in the case that you want to reach out to me. Follow me!

Do you want to support my work?

In the case that you want to support me financially, you can find all possible ways to do so on the dedicated support page. Please note however that I don't rely on your support as I'm working fulltime anyway.